Grain Division Overview

Welcome to the Grain Division Site!

We are excited about the many opportunities that forming Alliance Ag & Grain, LLC has provided, and we hope we can be your location of preference when it comes to delivering grain.  Through the formation of Alliance Ag & Grain, we have a total licensed capacity of 19.8 million bushels across 16 grain locations.  Included within those locations, we have two 110-Car Unit-Train facilities, located at Wright, KS (BNSF) and Haviland, KS (Union Pacific).  We are one of very few companies across Kansas with two train loaders located on separate rail lines, and we look forward to the opportunities this will bring to our members. 


Grain Purchasing Hours at all locations are 8:30am – 1:15pm Monday – Friday unless markets are closed. Please click the icon below to view our current cash bids.


Grain Contracts

We are proud to be able to offer a wide variety of grain contracts for both Old Crop & New Crop Bushels.  Our primary contracts include:


Cash Sale

Offer Contract

  • Producer offers to sell a specific amount of grain if the market reaches a target cash price or futures level
  • Available in any bushel increment 
  • Available for Old Crop & New Crop Bushels
  • All Orders are entered as "Good-Till-Cancelled" unless otherwise specified

Deferred Payment Contract

  • Allows the producer to sell grain now but defer income into future years for tax purposes
  • Requires a specified payment date & cannot be paid out early.
    • Tax Law allows producers to specify income be applied to the year sold or the year deferred into even with a deferred payment contract (Please consult a Tax Professional for full details)
  • Current Interest Rate is 2% 

Minimum Price Contract

  • Establishes a minimum price for the grain while giving the opportunity for additional value if the market rallies
  • Available in 5000 bu increments 

New Crop TBD (To-Be-Delivered)

  • Establishes a fixed futures & basis level for grain to be delivered later
  • Available in 1000 bu increments

New Crop HTA (Hedge-to-Arrive)

  • Establishes a fixed futures price and leaves the basis level unset
  • $0.05/bu Fee for 2018 Harvest
  • $0.10/bu Fee for 2019 Harvest
  • Available in 1000 bu increments
  • Basis must be set prior to First Notice Day of the reference futures month
  • Contract cannot be rolled forward to subsequent trading months

New Crop Basis-Only

  • Establishes a fixed basis level and leaves the futures unpriced
  • Available in 1000 bu increments
  • Futures must be priced prior to First Notice Day of the reference futures month
  • Contract cannot be rolled forward to subsequent trading months


All Grain Contracts are subject to a $0.30/bu cancellation fee in addition to any market varience for non-delivery.  


If you would like more information about our grain contract options, please contact your local grain buyer. 

Mobile App & Cash Bid Alerts
On-Farm Grain

Do you store grain on-farm?  If so, let our connections in the industry work for you!  Call Blake Connelly in the Spearville office for bids picked up at your location or delivered to regional end users. 

Grain Marketing Contacts

 Head Office/Spearville - (620) 385-2898

- Blake Connelly, Grain Division Merchandising Manager

- Brenda Friess

Lewis - (620) 324-5536

- Christina Queckboerner

- Amy Johnson

Mullinville - (620) 548-2222

- Jennifer Janssen

Greensburg - (620) 723-3351

- Deb Wyrick

- Cassandra Owens

Haviland - (620) 862-5225

- Jon Francis

- Desiree Wirth

Wright - (620) 227-8611

- Teresa Whittaker

Kim Coats

Coldwater - (620) 582-2251

- Rusty Fraizer

- Amy Barnard

Protection - (620) 622-4619

- Brian Harris

- Kasey Bayne