Turkey: Daily National Turkey Market-at-a-Glance
DES MOINES, IA               Thu., Oct. 11, 2018          USDA Market News
TURKEY: Daily National Turkey Market-At-A-Glance.


The market on frozen 2018 8-16 lb. hens is steady to firm.  The market on 16-24 lb. 
toms is unsettled ranging from weak to firm in response to offering prices on 2018 
production widening trending both higher and lower for current deliveries.  Frozen 
demand light to moderate.  Fresh demand mostly moderate for November shipments.  
Processor offerings of frozen Grade A 10-16 lb. hens range from short of needs to 
light.  Frozen 16-24 lb. tom offerings from 2018 production light to moderate, 
instances moderately heavy.  Offerings of 2017 production very light to moderate with 
toms the most available.  Frozen Grade A basted equivalent processor offering prices 
on a national basis from 2018 production for 8-16 lb. hens are 78.00-89.00 cents FOB 
and 16-24 lb. toms 76.00-86.00 cents FOB for current deliveries.  Trading slow to 
moderate on frozen basted equivalent hens at 82-86 cents FOB and on 16-24 lb. toms at 
76-86 cents FOB for current shipments and slow on frozen basted equivalent 8-16 lb. 
hens and 16-24 lb. toms at 84 cents FOB for November deliveries.  

The market on white meats and white trims is steady with a few seeing weakness on 
frozen destrapped tenderloins.  Demand on fresh white meats and white trims moderate.  
Demand on frozen white meat and trims is light to moderate.  Offerings very light to 
moderate.  The market on institutional sized bone-in breasts is steady to firm.  
Demand and offerings light to moderate.  The market on tom bulk parts is steady to 
firm.  Demand generally moderate.  Offerings light to moderate.  The market on fresh 
thigh meat is steady while frozen is steady to weak.  Demand light to moderate.  
Offerings of thigh meat light to moderate with fresh held with the most confidence.  
The mechanically separated turkey market is steady to weak, mostly steady to barely 
steady.  Demand light to moderate.  Offerings light to mostly moderate.  Trading 


No export trading reported.  The market is steady with mixed undertones.  Demand and 
offerings light to moderate.

Source: USDA Livestock, Poultry, & Grain Market News
        Des Moines, IA     515.284.4460  desm.lpgmn@ams.usda.gov

Prepared: 11-Oct-18 01:30 C GM