Don’t let fungal diseases put a dent in your yield potential

Jul 27, 2020

Fungal diseases like common, southern rust, and gray leaf spot can quickly chip away corn yield potential if plants are left unprotected. Safeguard your seed investment to get the most bushels per acre. Your AAG salesman is ready to do all that needs to be done to align an aerial applicator to fly your fields.  AAG patronage will further lower what is often a reduced cost/acre compared to other sources.

Turn RTF into ROI

Even in the absence of high disease pressure, fungicides can deliver crop health benefits that help maintain plant standability and extend the harvest window. Consider the Response to Fungicide (RTF) on your chosen hybrids to help determine its potential. 

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Don't let your crop stress out

From early season weather threats to mid-season disease pressure, a well planned fungicide program can help mitigate the stress your crops will endure, increasing yield potential. Trivapro® fungicide can help you get the most out of your investment. See how you can take control.

Take Control
Get up to 5.7 bu/A more on corn


See how pairing MasterLock® adjuvant with Trivapro® Plant Health fungicide can help give your crop the advantage and help optimize your fungicide investment.
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Let your AAG salesman line up your fields for aerial application, and earn patronage with those dollars.

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