2019 Wheat Harvest Is Off to A Great Start

Jun 28, 2019

With the warm temperatures and steady winds, the 2019 Wheat Harvest is looking great. As long as the weather stays dry harvest should continue over the next couple of weeks.  

Many locations are reporting excellent yields with test weights over 60.  Ground piles have been started in some locations. 

Agronomy Report from Willie Schmidt 

What a spring!  We knew going in that fertilizer supply would be the biggest hurdle, but we didn't realize the bar would be more like a pole vault bar rather than hurdle height.  Thanks to everyone's graciousness through the trying circumstances. 

We feel like we are definitely over the hump, and it is downhill from here at least as far as fertilizer supplies. Hopefully, a more "normal" finish to the summer from here on out. 

Corn fungicide will be coming very soon.  Just a reminder to those who used the Syngenta pre-herbicides, of the offer to bundle Trivapro for a grower payment of $1.00/acre back - that's acre, not gallon - for a premium product. 

Pillbug_(28509283724).jpgHave heard reports of lots of grasshoppers and pill bugs -"roly polys" doing severe damage in the beans.  I looked up the pill bug and found some fascinating facts on the 'roly poly'.

  • they are a crustacean -- not an insect.  closer resemble shrimp and crayfish than insects 

  • they breathe through gills but cannot survive in water 

  • they do not urinate 

  • they can drink in water from "both ends" - and if that isn't more than you wanted to know: 

  • they consume their own feces -- they do this to recycle copper which they consume from the soil along with zinc, lead, arsenic, and cadmium

  • they turn bright blue when they are sick 

  • females carry their eggs in a pouch, where they stay for several days after hatching 

  • when born, young have six pairs of legs, but after molting the first time, they will have seven pairs. 

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