Protect Your Wheat Seed

Sep 01, 2020

It's important to have a quality seed treatment applied to protect your wheat seed from diseases and insects. When it comes to drilling wheat, it's a race to get the crop in the ground and off to a fast start. A quality seed treatment promotes root development and fall tillers. Fall tillers are critical in boosting yield potential and better winter survivability.


Our Seed Treatment Recommendations

Warden-II_275.png Resonate_275.png

Warden Cereals II

Warden® Cereals II  seed treatment helps defend challenging diseases in wheat. This product contains three highly active fungicides with multiple modes of action for broad spectrum disease control and protection. It protects against Rhizoctonia and Fusarium for healthier roots and enhanced yield potential.

Warden Cereals II + Resonate

Protect against insects by adding Resonate® . This combines the benefits of Warden Cereals II with a high rate of insecticide to help provide maximum protection against challenging aphids, suppresses early season Hessian fly damage and wireworm activity. The combo provides defense against other common insects, pests, and fungal pathogens to help optimize yield potential.

Need additional control for grasshoppers? AAG offers an enhanced rate for effective control this season.

Not all seed treatments are created equal

It’s time to finalize your wheat seed purchases for 2021. Make sure a high-quality seed treatment is part of the package to get plants off to a healthy start and protect them throughout the season.

    3 tips for choosing the right treatment    


Work with your local trusted advisor

Contact us to determine which seed treatment choice is best for your needs so you can reach your wheat production and ROI goals. 


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